Compared to what other people might spend in a four-year span, it appears that the Prime Minister's coffee habit is pretty modest, at least while he's on the job. Justin Trudeau's Tim Hortons expenses were actually pretty low during his first four years as Canada's leader. That said, other MPs spent some serious cash on coffee and Timbits.

According to the PM's expense reports, he has only made four official visits to the Canadian coffee company over the last four years.

From the moment Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister in 2015, to the beginning of the election campaign in 2019, the Liberal leader reportedly only spent $89.90 at Tim Hortons restaurants.

While the reports don't reveal exactly what he bought on his four trips to Timmies, two of the visits cost $17.98, while the others cost $26.97.

This doesn't mean that Trudeau has only been to the chain four times in the last four years. He could be ordering double-doubles and donuts on his own time and dishing out his own cash to pay for it.

However, when it comes to the things he's spent money on that will be reimbursed by the government, the PM seems to prefer patisseries in Quebec over the national chain.

Trudeau hasn't expensed anything from Tim Hortons since 2017 when he made two separate purchases from the coffee shop for community events in Montreal.

When compared to other MPs, the Prime Minister's Tim Hortons expenses are surprisingly low. 

According to Global News, our elected officials spent a total of $116,415 at the coffee shop between 2015 and 2019. 

Thanks to all that spending, Tims is the most popular coffee and donut shop with MPs. It's also the only restaurant in the top 10 places that food-related expenses were claimed, reports Global.

The biggest spender was Kent Hehr, a former Liberal MP who spent $4,373 during 90 Tims visits over the last four years.

Liberal MP Darrell Samson spent the third-highest amount at the chain during the last Parliament, a total of $2,349 for coffee and snacks given out at community events.

"They're accessible," he told Global News. "They have a presence in each community I go in when I host things."

In January, Trudeau came under fire for shopping at a local donut shop in Winnipeg instead of going on a Timmies run.

He picked up some sweet treats from Oh Doughnuts during a retreat in the city and posted about it on social media.

There were so many negative responses that the shop got involved, tweeting, "Our pricing reflects our respect for our employees, the environment and our commitment to quality, local goods."

Oh Doughnuts also called out the big chain for not being Canadian owned, not treating workers well and not having fresh donuts every day.

Most of the food-related expenses claimed by MPs came from Parliament Hill Food Services, Costco, IGA, Fire It Up BBQ, Walmart, Sobeys, Metro, Safeway and Wholesale Club.

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