The biggest news out of this week's NATO summit didn't have anything to do with the meetings. Instead, it was the group of world leaders, which included Canada's own leader, talking about the U.S. President behind his back. Now, Justin Trudeau's Trump comments have made it into a political ad from Joe Biden.

The ad was released in a December 4 tweet from the former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate.

"The world is laughing at President Trump. They see him for what he really is: dangerously incompetent and incapable of world leadership," the tweet reads. "We cannot give him four more years as commander in chief."

The ad begins with the footage of Canada's Prime Minister saying to other world leaders, "You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor," a comment made in reference to Trump's surprise announcement that the next G7 will be held at Camp David.

The comment is followed by quick close up cuts of the leaders, which also included British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, laughing.

The rest of the ad highlights other moments when Trump had met with world leaders, including a speech at the U.N. that drew laughter from the audience.

The video concludes with several shots of Joe Biden accompanied by the text, "We need a leader the world respects." One of the photos is of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau's comments during the NATO summit also included a remark about Macron being late because "he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top," seemingly in reference to Trump's own impromptu press conference.

After being asked what he thought about the comments, the U.S. President called Trudeau "two-faced."

Trump had pressed Trudeau about Canada's NATO spending earlier in the day.

Despite all of the drama, Trudeau maintained that he and the President have an "excellent" relationship.

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