Being the Prime Minister’s wife is no easy job, and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau probably knows that just as well as anyone! Despite the constant public appearances, the unrelenting media attention and the persistent scrutiny that comes with living life in the spotlight, being the Prime Minister’s wife doesn’t actually come with an official salary! This means that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s net worth is actually almost impossible to work out!

Aside from being the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has had multiple jobs of her own, and is likely to be worth a fair bit of cash in her own right! 

Mrs. Trudeau has had years of valuable experience in advertising, public relations, and sales, as well as being a natural on camera! In 2005, she joined CTV network’s entertainment show, eTalk, and was an extremely successful gossip reporter!

In 2019, when she’s not public speaking about gender equality, being an ambassador for numerous charities, helping her husband with the Liberal campaign, being a yoga instructor, and being a mom to their three children, Grégoire Trudeau can be found making the cover of international magazines! With all of this hard work going on, she must be earning a decent salary!

According to one online source, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau could actually have a net worth of anywhere between approximately $100,000 and $1 million. Obviously, this is a pretty vast estimate, with a pretty big difference!

However, because so much of Grégoire Trudeau’s work is involved with charity and activism, it is hard to know exactly what she gets paid for and what she doesn’t! 

While Sophie clearly is a skilled and talented woman, who has the ability to earn a considerable amount of money in her own right, it is possible that she leaves the largest percentage of earning to Trudeau, while she focuses on giving back to the community, and using her strengths to work with not-for-profits!

While her exact net worth is contested, we can assume that Grégoire Trudeau is certainly able to afford some of the finer things in life! That said, she doesn’t always have to pay for everything!

Back in 2016, CBC News reported that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau had actually been sent more than $3,000 worth of free clothing and accessories over a number of weeks, by designers and companies that were simply desperate for her to be seen in their products!

While it is almost impossible to officially uncover the exact amount that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is worth, we do know that there is plenty of money in her family, so we can assume she is not short on cash!

In fact, as of 2019, her husband Justin Trudeau is estimated to be worth a whopping $13 million, from the combination of his inheritance, his family business, and his salary as the Prime Minister! 

Whether Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s net worth is closer to $100,000 or $1 million, with that kind of money in her immediate family, we can be pretty confident that nobody is falling short!

Whatever it is that Grégoire Trudeau earns, the fact that she devotes so much of her own time and skills to charity work and activism is pretty inspirational!

That said, with her husband’s considerable net worth, her own multiple professions, and the constant freebies that she receives, she’s probably doing just fine!

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