As you may already know, the US elections are around the corner and a familiar face has officially thrown her hat into the ring. Kamala Harris, a former Canadian student, has officially entered her bid to run for president of the United States and she's actually gaining tons and tons of support across the country

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Not only are Canadians a fan of her, but so are many Americans across the United States. The 54-year-old Democratic Senator is from California. This weekend, rallies were held all over in support of her campaign bid. 

Senator Harris actually spent several years growing up in Montreal when she was in high school. Not only does Harris have ties to Canada, the friendly country north of America, but she's also the first official black woman to run for president. If elected, she would also become the first female president of the United States.

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Today, Harris kicked off her campaign by throwing a rally in Oakland, California. According to locals that were there, the massive crowds showed up in support to rally behind Harris in her bid to become elected president of the United States.

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During the rally, she reportedly gave an eloquent but powerful speech that resonated with the crowds of supporters. 

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The current mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf introduced Harris at the event and gave her support as well. She reportedly said, "I know her character. I know her leadership qualities. She is the person who can pull this fractured country together and make real progress for real people." 

Some locals explained on Twitter that they actually waited hours in line just to get close to the stage to see Senator Harris and weren't even able to get close enough to catch a glimpse of her. Another reporter noted that they tried to count how many news cameras were at the rally, but they had to stop counting at 80 because there were too many to count. 

Ariana Grande's mother, Joan Grande, even got involved in the campaign kickoff. She tweeted out in support of Kamala Harris' campaign by saying, "Dear God, Is there hope? Can we do this? Can decency, dignity & respect return to the United States?? Can brilliance & experience replace the nepotism & stupidity currently in place?? I'm with you @KamalaHarris !! It's gonna be a long hard fight! Let's do it! #KamalaHarris2020"

It looks like not only are local citizens excited about Kamala's bid but so is Hollywood!

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