Warning: This article and a video included below contains descriptions of sexual assault, which may be difficult for some people. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, call the Assaulted Women's Helpline at 1(866)863-0511 or find them online here.

A horrifying and questionable video has recently surfaced of a male Kelowna police officer inappropriately questioning and interrogating an alleged sexual assault victim. The video has gained a lot of public attention due to the questionable interrogation of the officer. Following the public posting of the video, the Internet has been sharing their sympathy with the victim and their distaste of the unnamed officer responsible.

The video shows a Kelowna RCMP officer interrogating an Indigenous youth who had said she was the victim of a sexual assault while in foster care in British Columbia. 

According to APTN National News, the interrogation lasted for several hours. The victim, who was a minor, was left alone with the officer the entire time. 

In the video, the RCMP officer is heard asking the female, who has not been named, a series of what seems to be inappropriate questions. The name of the officer has not been released and his face is blurred in the video. 

The video starts off by the officer asking the female if she was at all turned on during the sexual assault, “even a little bit.” He then asks if she was responsive to his advances, “even subconsciously.” The female then responded by saying “not at all, I was really scared.” 

APTN has stated that the video was originally taken in 2012 and has since come to the public's attention due to a currently underway lawsuit. The lawsuit is allegedly against the Ministry of Child and Family Development as well as the social worker and supervisor who were responsible for the victim's wellbeing while in foster care. 

Since the video was posted on Twitter by APTN, there has been an outpour of support for the female victim. Many people are concerned and aware that things like this happen way too often – which can lead to victims of sexual assault not coming forward.

Others are calling for the immediate removal of the officer from his line of duty. People also believe that his name and face should be made known to the public. 

While questioning sexual assault victims is an uncomfortable reality for all involved parties, people are concerned with the things that the officer is asking. Some believe that a female officer should have been present as it is a female victim. 

Patricia Arquette, actress and equality advocate, saw the video and publicly called out the RCMP unit to fire the officer and re-train police. 

While the video itself is only 48 seconds long, APTN was able to talk to the teen and gain more information about the interrogation. According to APTN, the officer appeared to ask a series of other inappropriate questions; even asking if she tried to fight off the assault. He even questioned if she screamed “no” or “get off me.”

He also asked the teen if she understands the severity of the incident saying that the person she is accusing could "go to prison for up to 14 years.”

According to APTN, no charges were laid against the alleged perpetrator of the assault. APTN has reported that court documents show the social workers and the teen’s foster family accused the youth of “falsifying the incident for an excuse for using drugs.”

Narcity has reached out to the Kelowna RCMP for a comment on the video. 

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