Remember when everyone was concerned that robots were going to replace them? Well, imagine being replaced by a 2D version of yourself — that's what's happening right now and they're using B.C. RCMP cutouts for a good reason.

Kelowna RCMP has deployed Const. Warren Ning,  Const. Warren Ning, and Const. Warren Ning to hit the streets and encourage drivers to slow down in school zones.

If you’re driving too fast in our school zones, you have to ask if the officer you see is cutout or the real deal.

Sgt. Mark Booth

Of those constables, only one is real, but if you're in your car it's hard to tell who's who.

Speeding in a school zone is not only dangerous but also it will cost you — the minimum fine for that is $196.

The real and scarecrow versions of the officers will be roving through Kelowna near schools to make sure drivers are slowing down.

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