A B.C. RCMP police chief has now apologized to UBCO student, Mona Wang, after a Kelowna wellness check led to a student being dragged by an RCMP officer. A video of the event has since gone viral. 

Brad Haugli, the chief commander of the southeast division of BC RCMP, said that he's very sorry for what happened to Wang.

My vision would be that there would be a nurse accompanying every police officer to every mental health call.

Brad Haugli

Haugli said that if Wang was a family member or friend, then he would be seriously concerned for her wellbeing. 

In the video captured from Wang's apartment building, the RCMP officer can be seen dragging her on the ground and stepping on her head. 

The whole incident is now being investigated internally by the RCMP and the officer in question is only doing administrative duties for the time being. 

Via CBC News
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