Despite the uncertainties of the future of bitcoin, fast food chain KFC was quick to capitalize on the growing cryptocurrency trend with the release of the Bitcoin Bucket.

Made available to Canadians at select locations for a limited time, the Bitcoin Bucket is a full meal that is paid for entirely with Bitcoin. It comes with 10 chicken tenders, waffle fries with gravy, a medium side option and two dips. 

KFC Canada made the announcement of its launch across its social media platforms, and was sold out within an hour.

Some people are already calling this the future of sales, but could this all just be a smart marketing move? 

KFC Canada has revealed that the Bitcoin equivalent for the Bitcoin Bucket is around 20 Canadian dollars. Many experts, however, believe that actual payments with bitcoin are not doable.

“For you to send a couple bucks for coffee, transaction fees are ridiculous,” said Ameer Rosic, the CEO of Blockgeeks. “So you can’t actually use bitcoin as a commerce payment system.”

Those who purchased the Bitcoin Bucket last Friday had to pay a transaction fee of $35, as well as deal with fluctuating transaction times. According to CBC, both fees and transaction times varied depending on the amount of traffic on the bitcoin network.

Currently, it appears that the Bitcoin Bucket is still available for purchase. The official order page is still active and will fulfill orders within Canadian delivery zones.

Would you buy KFC chicken using bitcoin? Place your order here.

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