Who doesn’t love exclusives? They're simply the best - for those who have the privilege of getting in on them, at least. And, boy oh boy, is it good to be Canadian right now. KFC just unveiled their delicious take on a chicken-nacho hybrid with the introduction of KFC Chachos in Canada, available at participating restaurants across the country.

The new snack, which looks as good as it sounds, features the chain’s secret-recipe tenders slathered in nacho cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream and of course chives. A doozy of a combination that is sure to get Kentucky Fried Chicken fans salivating.

According to KFC Canada, the chain is offering several Mexican-inspired Chacho options to pick from. The options include two different regular size options, the Chachos Combo and the Chachos Box. In the snack size department, KFC is offering three Chachos for $6.99 CAD. 

The Chachos Combo includes three Chachos served with side and drink of your choice for just $8.99 CAD. The Chachos Box Meal will include three Chachos served with fries, popcorn chicken, an individual side, a cookie and a drink of your choice for $10.49 CAD.

I mean come on, how tasty do they look? They're practically irresistible. 

Along with the Chacho, KFC Canada is offering Chacho Fries, which are a take on the restaurant's golden fries smothered in cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, chives and layered with jalapenos for just $2.99 CAD a pop.

According to KFC Canada, Chachos are a Canadian exclusive. They were first tested in Canada back in 2017. We couldn't be more excited to welcome them back!

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