We all know Canadians love their weed, but that love might have gone too far in B.C. At a routine raffle over the weekend, an eight-year-old hockey player wanted chocolate but won a whole bunch of cannabis edibles instead. Now, his grandfather's questioning why a kid's hockey game had weed in the first place.

Dawson's Creek Minor Hockey (DCMH) had a bunch of raffle prizes lined up in their youths tournament over the weekend of February 29 to March 1. Two prizes just happened to be a whole load of weed products.

Keith Redl, the grandfather of the winning eight-year-old, told Narcity the prizes were all listed at the tournament, and that people who wanted to try for them could drop their tickets next to what they wanted.

His grandson was given $10 worth of tickets to spend where he wanted. He decided to go for the one that looked like chocolates.

However, when the kid's dad got the call that they won, he was shocked to discover the gift basket contained a whole pile of edibles, along with what looked like a pipe and lighter.

"My son picked it up and he couldn't believe it. He took a picture of it. And he says, 'look at this shit that Michael just won at this hockey tournament,'" said Redl.

He wouldn't get to keep his prize after all.

"I told him that, sorry Michael, you can't have it. It's drugs. He says, 'Well, why is there drugs in a prize for kids?'" said Redl.

In a statement to Narcity, DCMH claimed that it was clear the cannabis prizes were only for adults and that the winner's "identification was checked to ensure they were of legal age."

They said it was clear the prize contained cannabis products.

However, Redl disagreed.

"It did not say adults only, despite what Dawson's Creek Minor Hockey is trying to spin it," he rebutted.

"There's no way on God's green earth that drugs should be a door prize in a kid's hockey tournament," he said to Narcity.

"Our kids in this country idolize hockey stars and the hockey players in the NHL."

After nation-wide legalization, it seems like B.C. bud is everywhere, but handing them out to kids at a raffle was a new low, said Redl.

Despite weed being legal, Redl said there must be a stopping point.

"You wouldn't be putting up cartons of cigarettes to give away at a kids hockey tournament, or sex toys, or anything. Like, it's just totally inappropriate," he ended.

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