Kiefer Sutherland has a bone to pick with Doug Ford. Yeah, that's right, Jack Bauer is back. Kiefer Sutherland lashed out at Doug Ford with a strongly-worded tweet, in which he accused the premier of using Sutherland's grandfather’s legacy to support his political agenda. Sutherland’s grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a beloved leader of the NDP party in Saskatchewan. He was known for being highly fiscally responsible, a trait that Ford compared to his government's recent budget cuts.

According to Global News, Children, Youth and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod claimed in an op-ed that Sutherland’s grandfather disliked governments who ran up huge deficits and brought their provinces further into debt.

“It may seem odd that a Conservative minister from Ontario would speak so highly of the former socialist premier of Saskatchewan. And yes, we would differ on a lot of things,” MacLeod said in an op-ed published by the Financial Post. “But whatever our competing views on the role of government, Tommy Douglas recognized, as few have since, that a vision is meaningless without the means to make it a reality.”

MacLeod then tweeted out the article, which was eventually retweeted by the premier, who stated: “It’s time to make government work for the people again — not the other way around. I think Tommy Douglas would approve.”

The tweet clearly didn’t sit right with Sutherland who held nothing back when telling Ford what he thought of him using his grandfather’s name to push his agenda:

“Contrary to your argument, It was never at the expense of social and human services to those in need. I personally find your comparison of your policies to his offensive,” Sutherland fired off in a tweet on Monday. “So, I can only ask, as the grandson of this man, for you to stop posting his picture and using his name as part of your political agenda. “After all, I knew Tommy Douglas and you, sir, are no Tommy Douglas.”

And he wasn’t alone. Many people seemed to agree with Sutherland's words and praised him for speaking up to defend his grandfather.

Both McLeod and Ford’s offices have yet to comment on Sutherland’s fiery response.

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