Kingston, Ontario is sick of all the non-stop partying at Queen's University. A new pilot project put in place by the city is seriously cracking down on drunken crowds, and hundreds have been finding themselves in court because of it.

This week, in particular, is one of the most wonderful times of the year for college and university students. Orientation week is often full of late nights, hard partying and rowdy crowds.

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Unfortunately, for the city of Kingston, it’s also full of overcrowded emergency rooms, unsanctioned house parties and intoxicated young adults filling the streets. In order to combat the issue, the city’s mayor, Bryan Paterson, local police services and Queen’s University have worked together to implement some new rules.

Going forward, anyone ticketed for disruptive or high-risk behaviour during orientation week will be headed to court rather than having the option to pay tickets online or by phone.

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“If you make bad choices, there are consequences,” Queen’s Principal Daniel Woolf said to The Globe And Mail. “The best way to ensure there’s no impact on [students'] academic life, either here or indeed in the future, is simply not to engage in irresponsible and unsafe behaviour.”

This project isn’t just underway during orientation week. The new rules will also be implemented throughout homecoming weekend and St. Patrick's day. Mayor Paterson recalled such events last year when he spoke to The Globe And Mail, saying homecoming consisted of drunk students cramming into the local emergency room midday.

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He noted St. Patrick’s day was even worse when 40 people fell through a roof that had collapsed. “It was, in my view, incredibly fortunate that we did not have someone seriously injured or killed in that moment,” he said.

Between Saturday and Tuesday of this past week over 100 charges have been laid. The charges include public intoxication, underage drinking, public consumption, and open alcohol. All of those charged can expect to take their case courthouse. With that being said, party hard Queens! Just not too hard.

Source: The Globe And Mail

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