An Ontario city has just taken its fight against large gatherings a step further.

Kingston's party fines for hosts have just been increased significantly.

City council cites the "failure of many individuals" to comply with the rules over the past two weeks. In response, a proposal was made to raise the $500 fine to much steeper amounts.

And on Tuesday, the council voted for this unanimously, reports The Kingstonist.


The new fine for first-time offenders

The report also states that repeat offenders could face fines of up to $100,000 through the court system.

Kingston is home to Queen's University, where partying has been a concern with the recent arrival of students for the fall term, as reported by the Globe and Mail.

The recent move falls in line with provincial efforts to curb partying and large gatherings, especially within student populations.

Via The Kingstonist
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