February is only a few short weeks away and we all know what romantic season is waiting around the corner. Valentine's Day is only two weeks away and if you're stressing about what to get your S/O, a beloved donut chain has got your back. Krispy Kreme Canada just released the most perfect donuts for Valentine's Day 2019

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The donut chain made the delicious announcement on their Instagram today. To celebrate Valentine's Day 2019, Krispy Kreme has released one-of-a-kind conversation heart donuts.

Based on the photo they released of the special donuts, there are a variety of different messages you can send with these donuts, such as "DM ME", "CALL ME", SAY YES", or "CRAZY 4 U". So you'll be able to customize what message you want to send your Valentine. 

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We're sure that your partner will absolutely love getting a box of these on Valentine's Day! Honestly, who wouldn't? This treat looks super cute and will taste delicious to boot if they're anything like Krispy Kreme's other donuts. 

This delicious treat is now available at Krispy Kreme stores across Canada. The donut chain didn't say on their Instagram announcement how long the donuts would be available until, but it's most likely at least until Valentine's Day since they were released for the holiday. 

How To Find Love In 2019

Just look at a photo of the new Krispy Kreme donuts below that was posted on their InstagramAre they not the most perfect treat for Valentine's Day or what? 

It looks like some people have already started to get their hands on these special Valentine's Day themed donuts and they don't look disappointing. From the looks of it, the actual donuts are living up to the expectations set by the official photo from Krispy Kreme on their Instagram. Check out photos below! 

@wraloutandaboutembedded via  

Many people also commented on their excitement on the Instagram announcement from Krispy Kreme. We sure can't wait to get our hands on these special Valentine's Day themed donuts. 

To find the closest Krispy Kreme store to you or to find out more information about the donut chain, check out their website

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