There's nothing in this world that doesn't taste better when it's free! I think we all know that Valentine's Day is coming up soon which means there will be lots of love, chocolates, and flowers in the air all around us. Recently, Krispy Kreme released a brand new Conversation Donut that has adorable little messages on each one! 

These heart-shaped donuts have little messages like 'Be Mine', 'Pick Me', Love', and more! It's just like those classic heart-shaped candies with cute sayings on them that are, unfortunately, not being sold in Canada. Instead, you can pick up a free Conversation Donut today only! 

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These treats are available for a limited time only but today, February 6th you can pick up one for free if you're a Rewards Member at Krispy Kreme. If you're not already a member, all you have to do is head to their website and input some very basic information and voila! A free donut will be waiting for you at the closest Krispy Kreme so you can get your sugar fix. 

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Check out their website and press release for more information! 







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