Who said granting wishes and giving gifts was only for Christmas? Some Laurentian University students had their food-related exam wishes come true on Tuesday, December 10 right in the thick of exam season. The trending hashtag, "ExamWishes" had students tweet out what they wanted to eat. To their delight, some lucky students got their Tim Hortons and Starbucks prayers answered. 

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday students began tweeting their drink and food wishes at the school, along with a picture of their study squad.

Students were required to let the exam wishes crew know exactly where they were and where to meet them. Many students submitted their requests through Twitter.

According to Laurentian University, exam wishes is a social media campaign that was actually brought to life by McMaster Alumni. Anyone who's been a student can agree that the exam period is a special breed of stress, sleep deprivation, and hunger. This campaign hopes to help.

Since it was so well received at McMaster, according to L.U., the Laurentian University Alumni Association decided to make it happen at their Sudbury campus, too. The first campaign took place back in April 2018.

$3,000 was donated by the LUAA for exam wishes. Their main goal was to connect with students before they graduated and to let them know that the Alumni Relations office is there to support them.

The campaign ended around 2 p.m. and those who got their wishes granted couldn't be happier.

Some students got pretty creative with their pictures and requests in efforts to get the attention of the volunteers at exam wishes.

"We are very hungry after study all day!," says a tweet, "a chipotle chicken wrap with crispy chicken, two large iced coffees, and a cheese panini from tims would be great!"

"A Venti Irish Cream Cold Brew and a Venti Caramel Frappuccino please!" said anyother Twitter user in need of soe serious caffine and sugar.

"Hey @LaurentianAlum, we’re a couple of stressed out wanna be nurses, our digestive system needs some nutrition so we’re able to function during our exam. It’d be much appreciated if we can get a large pepperoni pizza. #ExamWishes."

With a perfect combination between shame and shamelessness one student wrote: "@LaurentianAlum don’t tell our nutrition prof, but we would love a large cheese pizza, 2 venti mango dragon fruit refreshers with coconut milk, a venti iced chai, and a venti Irish-cream latte."

"We are DYING for a medium pepperoni pizza and garlic dipping sauce." said another student, not beating around the bush on their request.

"My friends and I are writing an exam at 2pm and would love a pepperoni pizza to help deal with the stress," wrote another student. We felt that one in our souls.

You know when you and the gals just need a pizza and some coffee? These students can relate.

"Hey @LaurentianAlum we’ve been studying SO hard and me and the gals are starving. we’d love a pepperoni pizza, And Starbucks! 2 ice black teas with lemonade and an iced blonde vanilla latte? #examwishes THANK YOU!!"

Just a few more days until exam season is over for students across Canada and though it's a stressful time, at least this initiative brought a smile to many of their faces.

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