Police in Laval have joined up with 24 of the city’s best bars and clubs to offer free drinks for designated drivers. To encourage locals to get home safely, the new program will offer sober drivers free non-alcoholic drinks for the entirety of their night out. The CoDeBars program is described as a “simple and practical solution to avoid impaired driving,” and it’s launching just in time for the holiday season!

With the festive season fast approaching, police in Laval have come up with a unique and quirky plan to reduce drunk-drivers in the city.

According to the local force, their aim is to positively focus on the role of the designated driver during a night out, by calling on the collaboration of local bar owners in the city. 

The concept, which mainly targets those between 18 to 25, is to offer designated drivers completely free non-alcoholic drinks all night, in the hope that it will discourage them from buying a boozy beverage.

According to the director of the local police department, Pierre Brochet, "Impaired driving is a concern for us and bar owners in Laval."

He went on, "The concept of CoDeBars is interesting because it intends to recognize the important role of designated drivers by providing the means to celebrate responsibly and thus making our roads much safer."

While police say the program is mainly targeted at Canadians in that younger age group, anyone is welcome to take advantage of their new free-drinks policy.

In order for the driver to cash-in on their complimentary virgin beverages, all they have to do is be accompanied by at least two alcohol-drinking friends.

Upon arriving at a CoDeBars participating bar, the driver will receive a special bracelet that will allow him or her to obtain free non-alcoholic drinks all night.

With the bracelet, the driver will be able to get a soft drink free of charge whenever their pals order an alcoholic beverage. 

The first CoDeBars scheme was introduced back in April 2017, in the smaller Quebec city of Sherbrooke. 

At the time, SPS Director Danny McConnell explained, "It's a unique and inspiring concept that values ​​designated drivers.”

“The role of the designated driver is very important and we need to take care of them. Together, we can improve road safety and make our roads safer," he said.

You can find more information about Laval's new incentive program and a full list of participating bars here.

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