Imagine you went to law school and spent years and years in class, and paid incredibly high tuition costs. Typically after graduation, you’d find a high paying job at a law firm that would make all your hard work worth it.

But the Christian university Trinity Western is now finding out that their law students can be denied accreditation from law societies. The case which dominated headlines for the last few years addressed two fundamental issues, the right to freedom of religion and the right to equal treatment under the law. 

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But a Supreme Court ruling handed down earlier today stated that law societies have the right to deny accreditation to educational institutions such as Trinity Western that discriminate against LGBTQ2 people. 

Trinity Western was founded on Evangelical Christian principles, meaning that it believes that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Students must sign an agreement upon attendance saying that they will not engage in homosexual or premarital sex of any kind. 

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Janet Epp Buckingham, a political studies professor at Trinity Western spoke for the school saying “we will have to consider our options to determine how we're going to go forward with this." 

Source: CTV

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