Summer is here – in other words, school's out for students and it's pretty much the perfect time and season to drink without having to worry about midterms and finals. However, your drinking plans may be put on hold, because the LCBO is experiencing an alcohol shortage in stores and they are now warning customers. 

If you were at your local LCBO store lately, you may have noticed less alcohol on the shelves than usual. No, you weren't going crazy – the Ontario liquor store is currently experiencing a supply shortage. 

So what is the reason for this lack of alcohol at LCBO stores throughout the province? It's because the chain has switched to a new warehouse management system. The LCBO has addressed the situation in a statement. 

“While the transition to the new system is progressing well, deliveries remain slightly behind schedule,” a statement from LCBO reads, according to CTV News.

“The LCBO is working diligently to ensure that we maintain daily replenishment orders to our stores and to our wholesale customers and that we get back to our regular operations as soon as possible.”

The LCBO has even posted signs at some stores about the supply shortage. The sign read, "Where is our stock? Due to issues with our warehouse, we have not been receiving our deliveries." See pictures of the sign below. 

LCBO customers have started to notice the lack of alcohol as well. People have been posting pictures of the empty shelves on Twitter.

According to City News, the LCBO emphasized that the lack of alcohol in stores was due to a delivery delay and not an overall inventory shortage. So no fear, you'll still be able to get your alcohol, it just might take longer than usual. 

In other LCBO news and on a more positive note, the retailer also opened a new landmark store in downtown Toronto today on July 9.

"The sprawling 22,000 square foot store includes 13,935 square feet of retail selling space, offering downtown customers more convenience and choice with a wider assortment of beer, wines and spirits," reads the LCBO news release

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