Remembrance Day is here and to commemorate the occasion Leonard Cohen's version of "In Flanders Fields" has been going viral. 

The late Canadian artist's take on John McCrae's classic poem was originally shared by Legion Magazine on YouTube in 2015, where it has over one million views. 

The haunting video was recently posted on Twitter as well and has garnered more than 96,000 views there. 

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The poem itself, which was written by Canadian soldier and poet John McCrae, is often read at Remembrance Day ceremonies across the country.

Cohen's recitation adds another Canadian connection to the piece, as the singer-songwriter is from the True North and had a deep connection here, especially in Montreal

He was also trending on Twitter with the recent anniversary of his death, which was on November 7, 2016. 

Cohen died peacefully in his sleep after a fall. He was 82 years old. 

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