In a statement released on the Conservative Party website, the party is demanding that a Liberal candidate, Jamie Battiste be fired over his "history of sexism and misogyny." The statement comes one day after Postmedia revealed various sexist comments made by Battiste between 2012 and 2016.

In the October 5 statement, the Conservatives say call Battiste "Justin Trudeau’s handpicked candidate" and say "Trudeau continues to support candidate despite disparaging comments toward women." 

Battiste is running in the Sydney-Victoria riding in Nova Scotia. The comments, which were first unearthed by the Toronto Sun, include many comments against women and one against indigenous women specifically. 

CBC reports that the comments have since been deleted off social media, but say one tweet read "why do I assume every skinny aboriginal girl is on crystal meth or pills?" Another tweet from Battiste said, "cleaning, folding, cooking, feeling like an epic fail that I haven't found a woman who can stand me long enough to do this for me."

Battiste responding to the comments being revealed, saying: "I would like to apologize for my comments. At times in my life, I have made crude jokes that I thought were funny at the time, but I realize now that these words were offensive. These were things I said during difficult times in my life, and they are not a reflection of my beliefs or who I am today. I apologize unreservedly." 

The Conservatives, however, are not satisfied with the apology. In the statement released by the party today, Conservative MP Lisa Raitt said "Despite these sexist comments, Battiste is allowed to run as a Liberal candidate for Justin Trudeau." 

She went on to say, "Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist. Whether it was groping a journalist in British Columbia, or throwing strong women out of his caucus for standing up for the rule-of-law, Trudeau never lives up to his own self-proclaimed feminism."

She concluded the statement with one of their Conservative catchphrases by saying, "Trudeau cannot be trusted to stand up for Canadian women. He is not as advertised."

The calls for Battiste to be fired come just one day after the Conservatives actually fired one of their own candidates for making anti-LGBTQ comments. 

In multiple videos, former Conservative candidate Heather Leung of Burnaby North-Seymour was seen saying that LGBTQ sexual preferences are "perverted" and people they were recruiting children to be LGBTQ. 

While Leung was fired from the party, she will still be on the ballot in Burnaby as it's too late to have her removed altogether. 

While the Conservatives have demanded more action in Battiste's case, the Liberal Party says they are standing by their candidate as he issued a formal apology for the comments. 

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