Canadians are roasting Trudeau for his latest promotional video for climate change action. The Liberals just released their plan to reduce Canada's carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, but news outlets are reporting that there are few details as to how they plan to do this. The Liberal's climate action plan has garnered many heavy-handed responses from Canadians as a result. 

CBC News reports that Liberals are planning to set five-year milestones to break down their 30-year goal of net-zero emissions. The party has said that they would be following the advice of scientists, economists, and other experts, but have given no tangible details on what processes they plan to follow. 

Liberals have noted on their website that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has "no plan at all."

Global News reports that Scheer has vowed to repeal the carbon tax introduced by the Liberals, while the NDP would keep it in place.

In the latest promotional video, Trudeau looks back on the days of Stephen Harper, when Canada's environmental policies were really hurting.

In the video, Trudeau says that while the Liberals' plan is not perfect, "it's a serious plan that will reduce pollution and create jobs." The video also highlights other actions Liberals have taken against climate change. Watch it below.

Some of the replies to the video seem pretty cut-throat, as you can see below:

Ouch. The vast majority of comments on this video are like those shown above. Not quite the response you'd expect from this message. Canadians aren't happy!

Meanwhile, Canadians are taking climate action into their own hands. Even certain businesses are taking a stand. It's pretty clear by now that people in Canada are not having it with politicians when it comes to talks about climate action that aren't justified. Finding a solution to this massive issue will not be simple, it seems.

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