Loblaw Companies just announced today that they will be offering home delivery for the first time in Canada.

Partnering with the U.S.-based Instacart, Loblaws grocery stores will begin offering this new service (which comes with a fee) to residents of Toronto, starting December 6, and Vancouver, beginning January 2018.

This new service will now allow Loblaws' shoppers to purchase goods from the comfort of their homes, something that other competitors, like Grocery Gateway, have been doing in Canada for some time with great success.

Home delivery is the natural next step of an existing service offered by Loblaws which already allows shoppers to pre-shop online and pick up their goods in store.

The service will charge users a fairly inexpensive delivery fee. Fees start at $3.99 per order and will vary according to the size of the order and desired delivery time.

The goods are purchased through Instacart's website and phone app. But be warned - groceries will intiailly be priced higher than groceries purchased online through Loblaw's Click & Collect program or in store. However, the company stated that efforts will be made to keep the price increase as low as possible.

Loblaw Companies also announced that this service will be extended in Toronto and Vancouver to its Real Canadian Superstore and T&T stores as well.

As for the rest of Canada, the company stated that after the home delivery service is initialized in Vancouver (servicing nearly 600,000 homes), they plan to rapidly expand the service to additional markets across Canada.

Overall, the convenience of getting to shop for groceries and have them hand-delivered to your door while you snuggle in the coziness of your bed on a Sunday morning is worth the few extra dollars.

But with this news also came rather unfortunate information from Loblaw Companies, as they also announced today that 22 of their lowest performing stores will be permanently shut down by the end of next year's first quarter.

The unfortunate decision came today as the retailer (like so many other companies) grapples with the increasing competition from other retailers that offer online and home delivery service, including Walmart and Amazon.

Source: The Star

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