Some drivers in London witnessed a bizarre scene blocking traffic Tuesday evening. A group of young men from two separate cars had a boxing match in the middle of the road while bystanders filmed. The London, Ontario brawl did not result in any charges after police spoke to both parties. 

In an email to Narcity, London Police media officer Sandasha Bough confirmed that the incident took place last night. 

"Police were contacted at approximately 7:15 p.m. in relation to a disturbance in the area of Hamilton Road and Adelaide Street," the officer informed us. 

The video, which was posted to Reddit, shows a group of at least six individuals swinging at each other while cars at the intersection wait to pass. 

It appears that the individuals had jumped out of their vehicles, leaving them idle on the street with the front doors still open. 

They then proceed to come at each other in a tense few moments, disregarding the other vehicles on the road.

The confusing scene stopped as quickly as it began, with both parties getting back into their vehicles and driving off.

According to Const. Bough, no charges were laid for the fight after it was discovered that it was "consensual." 

"Police located all parties involved and all were spoken to. After speaking to everyone, the incident was deemed to be a consensual fight and no charges were laid as a result."

However, it is still unclear if anyone was injured during this fight. 

While the incident seemed to end rather peacefully, it's not the first time that a brawl has stopped traffic in Ontario. 

Last year, two men got out of their vehicles at College Street by Dufferin Street. The road rage led to a full out fist fight that blocked traffic in the area. 

Stunt driving issues have also been on the rise throughout Ontario over the past few months. 

In fact, one driver held up traffic last month after doing donuts in the middle of  Dundas Square. 

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