If you've been looking to help with the wildfires in Australia and have also been looking for a new soap, this cosmetics brand has you covered. The Lush All The Wild Things soap is koala shaped and all proceeds will go towards animal rescue and land restoration in Australia. The limited-edition bar is so cute and it helps a great cause.

On January 24, the Canadian company launched its All The Wild Things product to lend its support to the newly established Bush Animal Fund that is helping organizations rescue animals and restore land that's been affected by the fires. 

If you buy this little bar that looks like a koala, 100% of the purchase price (except for the taxes) will go to the fund. Plus, it's vegan.

However, there are only 10,000 pieces of this product available in North America.

You can get it exclusively online for $6.95 while supplies last and if all of them are sold, that would mean almost $70,000 would be donated to the fund.

"As a business that cares deeply for animals, people and the planet, responding to the bushfires in Australia with funding support to impacted wildlife is simply the right thing to do," said Tricia Stevens, Lush's manager of charitable giving and ethical campaigns, in a news release.

This latest release is the koala shaped version of the store's best selling Outback Mate soap which is fitting since it's going to help Australia.

It's made with eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint oil.

The bar will give you a chill and keep your skin hydrated because of the infused eucalyptus, peppermint oil and coconut oil.

The Bush Animal Fund that the purchases contribute to allows grassroots organizations that work with wildlife welfare and rehabilitation or habitat restoration to apply for grants to use in the short term and long term.

"By directing customer support from the purchase of All the Wild Things to grassroots animal rescue organizations we will be able to have a direct impact on their lives and the environment in which they live," said Stevens.

Along with firefighters and specialists, a group of Canadians have gone to Australia to help treat animals affected by the fires and also rescue ones from danger.

It's estimated that more than one billion animals have been killed in the fires.

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