Valentine's Day is coming up real soon and so is Single's Awareness Day the day after. Just in time for the season, Lush Cosmetics is releasing several new bath bombs. The most provocative one of all? Lush Cosmetics in Canada is releasing an eggplant emoji bath bomb for Valentine's Day. 

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Everyone knows that the eggplant emoji is the flirtiest one of all and it sure looks like Lush Cosmetics knows it too. This Valentine's Day, Lush wants to up your flirt game and has actually released an eggplant emoji bath bomb. 

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"We're going into 2019 with big 🍆 energy," Lush Cosmetics captioned a photo they posted onto their Instagram of the eggplant bath bomb. "Our Valentine's Day collection launches online on January 7th and rolls out in shops starting on the 11th". 

They also added this spicy bit at the end and wrote, "Try not to get all hot n' bothered". Check out a preview of what the eggplant emoji bombs will look like below! 

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This isn't the only bath bomb Lush is releasing for Valentine's Day. "This year, we were inspired by the language of love, Version 2019, with the juiciest fruits (and emoji), such as peaches, cherries, bananas and eggplant", wrote Lush Cosmetics in a press release emailed to us. 

In the product description for the eggplant bath bomb on their website, Lush wrote, "when words fail us, emojis save the day. So if you're struggling to find the right words for your Valentine this year, this fab fizzer will say it all". Saucy! 

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Besides the eggplant bomb, you'll also be able to get your hands on several other new Lush products this Valentine's Day, such as the Peachy Bath Bomb and the Open Your Heart Bubble Bra. 

The eggplant emoji will be available at Lush Cosmetics online on their website on Monday, January 7th and in stores across Canada on January 11th. The product description for their Valentine's Day products are already up and you can check it out on their website

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