Two Canadian women are taking their love of politics, feminism and design and turning it a business with an important message. Their new clothing line, Madame Premier, is all about promoting gender equality in Canadian politics. This is definitely the clothing line we didn't know we needed. 

Madame Premier is about feminism and it's quite literally political AF, that's one of the messages that can be found on the clothing. The line just launched on Monday and it's already almost completely sold out. It hasn't even been a week and a restock is already needed.

The whole brand was started in Calgary by Marcie Hawranik and Sarah Elder-Chamanara. The two friends started Madame Premier after a non-profit they were both a part of rejected Elder-Chamanara's idea for politcally feminist designs.

Madame Premier was, as they both like to say, born over a cup of coffee. 

"The job of politics has unbelievably low public approvals. People think more highly of almost every profession than politics. We don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of," Elder-Chamanara told Narcity. 

Promoting gender equality isn't the only great thing the brand is doing. Madame Premier clothing is actually ethically produced and a portion of all sales go to local organizations that are working to advance gender equality. 

Plus, it's all gender neutral. 

The line features crewnecks, wide necks and t-shirts for adults and even t-shirts for toddlers and baby onesies. 

All of the clothing has fun feminist political messages like "#PoliNerd", "Political AF" and "A Woman's Place is in Council Chambers, the Legislature, the House of Commons, the Senate". 

"We created a line for political people to be proud of their poli nerdiness. We created clothing that we would want to wear ourselves. Our clothing is made from high-quality, super comfortable fabrics and will last beyond election cycles," Hawranik told Narcity.

The clothes range in price from $28 to $80. 

"Our designs incorporate feminism in order to specifically spark conversations on the lack of self-identified women in all of their diversity in politics," said Hawranik. 

Currently there are no female premiers in Canada and Madame Premier wants to bring that inequality to the forefront with its feminist and political designs. 

"We want more women to run at all levels of government. Political leaders, staffers and campaign teams should look like Canada. The days of politics being seen as a place only for men is over," said Elder-Chamanara. 

"We would like people to understand not only the barriers that women experience when running for politics and inspire others to take positive action to make politics more women and family-friendly, but also to understand that diversity leads to better decisions, better policies and better services from our government at all levels," said Hawranik.

You can learn more about Madame Premier and shop the line here.  

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