Ontario Police got a weird case of deja vu this Saturday after arresting the same man twice in one day.  OPP in West Nipissing state that they arrested the man for a second time that day after he stole a police officer's personal car. The man will now remain in custody. 

According to BayToday, OPP in West Nipissing report that they responding to an incident on John Street at around 3:45 PM. During the investigation of the incident, police arrested 30-year-old Taylor Blais after they discovered that had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. 

After Blais made a promise to appear in court on September 5, he was released from the station. However, that wasn't the last time that police ran into Blais that day. 

Later in the evening, at around 7:40 PM, Blais made his way to the West Nipissing OPP Detachment parking lot on John Street, in the same area that he was first arrested, and stole an officer's personally owned vehicle. He then proceeded to drive westbound on Highway 17.

Officers from both Warren and Sudbury OPP were able to locate and stop the stolen car in the Greater Sudbury area, where the car was able to return back to its owner damage free. 

Blais was then arrested for the second time in under twelve hours and was charged with theft over $5,000 of a motor vehicle, possession of property obtained by crime, and driving a vehicle with no license. 

Blais was held in custody until his bail hearing on July 14, and police state that he still remains in custody. 

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time that a suspect has been arrested twice in the same day. 

Earlier this month, CP24 reported on an incident where Guelph Police arrested the same man twice in one day. It was reported that a 27-year-old-man was arrested at 2 AM on a Friday on the suspicion that he was driving impaired and carrying a weapon. 

Later that Friday afternoon, Guelph Police arrested the same man again after he stole a vehicle.  

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