Earlier this week, a scary incident took place. A Manitoba teen got kidnapped while walking her dog. RCMP have now released new information about the suspect as well as a sketch of what he looks like. 

According to a statement issued by Manitoba RCMP, a call came in on June 23, 2019, at around 7:20 AM from a homeowner, who stated that an injured 16-year-old female was at their house. She claimed that she was the victim of an abduction. 

RCMP officers and police dogs immediately responded to the call. Following the investigation, it was determined that the female teen was walking her dog on Ste Annes Road in Manitoba, when a male driver in a pick-up truck stopped and asked if she needed a ride. 

The report states that the female declined the ride. After declining, the male driver allegedly forced the teenage victim into the vehicle.

The car continued driving and eventually approached a dead end on Road 45 North. According to police, the car began to slow and the victim managed to escape the vehicle. The teenager ran to the closest residence.

Today on Friday, several days after the incident, police are still not been able to identify the suspect. They released a sketch of what he looks like to the public.

The suspect is described as an 18 to 22-year-old male. He is clean cut, around five feet, eight inches tall with a medium build. He has thick black, wavy hair and a round face with a light-brown complexion. 

At the time, he was wearing a blue sweater with yellow frame writing on the front. He was wearing shorts the resembled swim shorts with a "blue-to-green-to-blue" pattern. He might have been wearing sandals. 

His vehicle is described as an older model, matte black, four-door pick-up truck with a tinted rear window. The vehicle does not have running boards or steps. 

While it was a terrifying incident, the victim only sustained minor injuries. Following the police call, extensive patrol was conducted however, neither the suspect nor the vehicle have been located.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Manitoba RCMP at (204)433-7433, or they can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1(800)222-8477.

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