As many Canadians already know, Roll Up The Rim cups are in stock and Tim Hortons across the nation have officially started their Roll Up The Rim To Win contest today. Canadians have lined up to grab their coffee, or other hot beverage, in the hopes to win a variety of prizes that the coffee branch is offering in their annual contest. However, as Roll Up The Rim kicks off, many Canadians are calling on Tim Hortons to end it because of its impact on the environment.

It comes as no surprise that the environment and unnecessary waste have become the main focus for a variety of food chains across Canada.  A&W has officially stopped serving plastic straws and Starbucks has started to distribute strawless lids. Now, Canadians are wondering why Tim Hortons isn't doing the same. 

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Over 300 million red cups are created for the campaign each year, and in order to win a prize, that cup is needed. Canadians are now wanting Tim Hortons to change the way that their Roll Up The Rim Competition is being held in a way that these non-reusable cups are not directly needed to participate in the contest. 

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Some Canadians have come up with ideas of offering an app for the full contest. A Roll Up The Rim app has already been created but was only able to be used to claim small prizes such as doughnuts or coffee, not any of the big prizes that the company was offering under the rims of the cups such as a car. 

A petition has actually been created in order to end Roll Up The Rim using non-reusable cups and has already received over 100,000 signatures. The petition was created by three young students from Calgary who had already petitioned to get Starbucks to eliminate straws last year. The petition aims to better the contest by creating a better cup or by allowing the contest to be held without the use of a cup. 

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Many people have also reached on social media platforms to express their distaste for the Roll Up The Rim contest. Most users aren't stating that the Roll Up The Rim contest should end completely, but it shouldn't encourage people to use non-reusable cups. 

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Canadians are asking that those who are trying to be environmentally friendly and bring their own travel mugs should be able to participate in the contest as well. 

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