It’s summer in Canada, which means high prices and long lineups at gas stations across the country. 

But in multiple Canadian cities right now there are numerous gas stations with no lineups at all to speak of. 

Not because people don’t need gas, but because pumps have run dry.  

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In Calgary and there are at least three Petro-Canada locations in it where you cannot buy gas due to a supply shortage.  

An anonymous employee from one of those gas stations said they have no idea when they will exactly be able to open again. 

Petro-Canada has said that it is doing everything in its power to in order to find a solution to the problem and that it is currently looking for other supply sources that will be able to provide the much needed gas.  

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Suncor Energy, who own Petro-Canada, say that the shortage is due to “ongoing seasonal maintenance in the industry and that has reduced our product inventory.” 

Calgary isn’t even the only city this is effecting, Edmonton has also had several Perto-Canada locations shut down as well for the same reason.  

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So be aware if you’re in those cities you may find yourself having to hunt around to find a gas station that will actually be able to help you. 

Source: Global News

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