Coachella's lineup was released just a few days ago, and while it boasts arguably the best line-up the desert festival has hosted in a few years, controversy is clouding festival-goers' excitement. It has nothing to do with the music or the festival itself, but rather the owner and some pretty horrifying allegations.

Back in January of 2017, it was revealed by FADER that the owner of Coachella, Philip Anschutz was a donor to the Republic party, and he wasn't just throwing chump change at the political party. We are talking over a million dollars during the 2016 election. In 2017, regardless of the lack of an election, he donated another $200,000 to both Republican politicians and super PACs.

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Those aren't the only donations that are raising eyebrows considering he gave $5,400 to Senator Cory Gardner back in March who is one of the biggest advocates for the pro-gun movement in America. The same senator continued to advocate against gun control directly after the Las Vegas shooting.

Anschutz even gave money to Scott Tipton, a U.S representative that openly opposes same-sex marriage and abortion, as well as Mike Coffman, another politician against abortion. Coffman also was one of the politicians in 2012 who was convinced Obama wasn't actually from America, claiming that even if he was born in America "in his heart, he's not an American. He's just not an American."

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Considering what Coachella is meant to stand for, a festival where anybody and everybody can enjoy music no matter their gender or sexual orientation, these donations are pretty shocking and have upset tons of festival goers. Especially considering the festival itself carries a more liberal undertone.

This isn't the first time that Anschutz has been called out for his choice in donations, as last year he issued a public statement claiming it was fake news. Yet the donations don't lie and fans are outraged now that the information is becoming more available to the public. Tons of fans are now calling for their favourite artists and bands who are slated to perform to boycott the festival:

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Many fans are wondering if their favourite artists are even aware of the allegations against the owner of the festival. Considering most artists heavily advocate against everything his donations seem to display him standing for.

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While no artists have since come forward and addressed the situation as of yet, it's been clear with how Twitter users have handled other allegations that this most likely won't go away. With the added pressure on artists, it'll be interesting to see if any acts choose to drop out of the festival, or if they will stay quiet on the subject.

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