In an effort to bring some heat this winter, McDonald's Canada is releasing three new sandwiches this month and each one will be spicier than the last. The sandwiches will all build off of the classic McChicken sandwich. They announced the three new menu items through a new Twitter campaign. 

In their Twitter campaign, they use the phrase spicy, spicier, and spiciest. They also reveal that starting on Tuesday, so January 29th, McDonald's Canada will offer a new Jalapeño McChicken. Representing the "spicy" part of their new marketing phrase, it is the first and the mildest of the three new McChickens. 

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After that, a new sandwich is going to be released every two weeks. Each one will be even spicier than the one before. It's not clear yet what the next steps up will be from the Jalapeño McChicken, but based on their Twitter campaign, the second sandwich is going to be released on Tuesday, February 12th. That will be the "spicier" sandwich. 

Then another two weeks after that, the third and final sandwich is due to come out on Tuesday, March 5th. That will be the "spiciest" of the sandwiches but again, it's not yet known how this McChicken will be the spiciest one yet. 

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McDonald's also teased the new sandwiches on their Twitter yesterday but didn't reveal that it was going to be a new McChicken. However, Canadians quickly guessed what it was going to be and people were instantly excited about the idea of a new spicy McChicken. 

The spicy McChicken is brand new to Canada, but a Spicy Chicken Sandwich has been offered at McDonald's in the United States for a while now. On their menu, they have the Hot 'n Spicy McChicken, which is topped just like a regular McChicken but the meat is seasoned with what they call a bold mix of spices. 

Canadians will have to wait until January 29th or even March 5th to see how ours compare. 

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