Four Canadian military students have reportedly been caught desecrating the Qu'ran with "bacon and bodily fluids" at a cottage party on March 31st, over the Easter long weekend. The incident was caught on video but hasn't been released to the public. 

It was announced today that three out of the four cadets involved are being kicked out of the Canadian Forces. The fourth one was served with a warning and will undergo counselling. 

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The four cadets attend the Royal Military College in Saint-Jean, Quebec, and are believed to be first year students. The disturbing video began circulating among the students, causing a lot of concern. On April 10th, other cadets decided to report the incident to commanders. 

According to the Lieutenant General Charles Lamarre, an investigation has been launched into the incident. Lamarre states that the cadets involved have broken the military's rules of conduct. 

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Lamarre says that desecration of any religious symbol by a Canadian Forces member will not be tolerated, student or not. "Such misconduct goes against our core beliefs and is not tolerated, especially at RMC Saint-Jean, where future leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces are trained and educated."

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The military confirmed in their statement that "there's no indication that any of them belong to any kind of hate group." Final rulings on their actions will be made in mid-June. 

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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