There's going to be another astrological event happening in the night sky soon. Mercury in retrograde is almost upon us and it has a spooky start on Halloween. The planet could have all sorts of tricks in store.

Mercury will be in retrograde from October 31 to November 20 and is the third and final time it'll happen in 2019. So get ready for almost three weeks of the planet influencing behaviour and people complaining about it.

"Some people blame Mercury retrograde for 'bad' things that happen in their lives. Instead, this is a good time to sit back and review where you put your energy in your life," according to the Farmers Almanac.

Astrology isn't anything new but it has gained popularity as the years go on. Even McDonald's has gotten on the astrology train lately with orders based on every horoscope.

Mercury in retrograde has long been thought to affect people on Earth in some not so stellar ways and was even written about as far back as the mid-18th century. The discussion and sometimes fear about retrograde continues to this day. 

This specific type of retrograde happens three times a year but since it coincides with Halloween, people are getting even more antsy about what Mercury has in store for us. 

Mercury in retrograde happens because of how Earth's orbit interacts with the orbits of other planets. That sometimes gives off the illusion that other planets are travelling backwards through the night sky. 

That illusion is called apparent retrograde motion. 

So during the times when it looks like a planet is going backwards in the sky, it's in retrograde. 

"Three times a year, it appears as if Mercury is going backwards. These times, in particular, were traditionally associated with confusion, delay, and frustration. Think email blunders and frazzled travel plans," according to the Farmers Almanac.  

The other two times Mercury was in retrograde in 2019 were from July 7 to August 2 and from March 5 to March 28. This next Mercury in retrograde is the last one for 2019. 

While the planet is in retrograde, another interesting celestial event will happen with Mercury. On November 11, the planet will be in transit and visibly move across the face of the sun.

Mercury has a busy couple of weeks ahead of it!

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