Only a few short weeks ago, Michael Buble inadvertently announced the end of his career. In a shocking interview, Buble implied that he was retiring and it shook the entirety of the internet. Quickly, his management team extinguished the rumours that he was quitting music.

In the interview, Buble stated that he wouldn't be participating in interviews anymore and how he wouldn't be using social media either. In the interview, he also talked about how he had written a "perfect record" and that he had recently filmed a Carpool Karaoke video with James Corden for "Stand Up To Cancer". 

Via The Late Late Show With James Corden |

Naturally, fans hung onto the last two tidbits of information. We're still waiting for the release of his new (and possibly final) record, but yesterday James Corden released the "Carpool Karaoke" video and it's everything you hoped it would be. 

In the video, James Corden sings harmoniously with Buble, makes Buble face his fears of the saxophone and even talks about the days when Buble used to be a little bit chubby - yes, I'm serious. 

Via The Late Late Show With James Corden |

At the beginning of the video, James Corden comments on how great Buble looks nowadays and simultaneously pulls out a picture of Buble back in the day, where he looks a little bit fluffier than present day. Corden claims that he uses this picture as motivation when he's personal training in the gym.

Just when you thought Buble couldn't be any more impressive, he begins scatting in the car ride with Corden and Corden's father. Not only that, Corden's saxophone-playing father gets Buble to agree to perform during a charity tour in November. During the car ride, Buble even opens up about his son Noah's diagnosis.

This video is a great reminder that Michael Buble is a cherished Canadian icon and proves that Buble is literally the best. 

Watch the full video below.

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