When it comes to post-secondary education, a lot of students hope that getting their diploma will help them to land a better paying job. While this is the case for some students, a new study by Statistics Canada also reveals that the number of Canadians with postsecondary education that are working minimum wage jobs is growing. In fact, one in three Canadians that are working minimum wage jobs actually have a post-secondary diploma. 

According to Statistics Canada, the number of employees earning the minimum wage has continued to grow over the past twenty years. In 1998 only 5.2 percent of Canadians were working minimum wage jobs. Now, that number has risen to 10.4 percent in 2018.

The biggest minimum wage increase was spotted between 2017 and 2018 when the pay for minimum wage went up in provinces such as Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. While Ontarians who use to work minimum wage made $11.40 per hour in 2017, it has increased to $14.00 over the past two years.

However, while the price of the minimum wage has continued to rise over the past few years, so are the number of people who are earning it. 

In fact, it seems that those who have gotten their postsecondary diplomas are now having more trouble in finding a job that pays them over minimum wage. In 2018, 34.9 percent of those who were working in minimum wage jobs, had graduated from post-secondary education. 

This is a huge increase from 23.2 percent of graduates that were working in minimum wage paying jobs back in 1998. 

Out of all the minimum wage-paying jobs, it seems that retail and food industries are the two most popular that Canadians are currently employed in. 

In fact, 32.7 percent of minimum wage workers were employed in retail throughout 2018, while 26 percent were employed in food services. 

However, despite the fact that there are more minimum wage workers now than there were in 1998, according to Statistics Canada, those who are working in minimum wage now are faring slightly better than their counterparts from 20 years ago. 

Over the years, the minimum wage in Canada has grown by 3.5 percent. 

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