Many of us are aware of the gamble when it comes to purchasing a lotto ticket. The chances of winning the jackpot on a lotto ticket are often one in many millions. However, one Canadian woman was so shocked to find out just how slim her chances of winning actually were that she attempted to sue the lotto company. 

The Quebec woman, Martha Karrask attempted to file a class action against Loto-Quebec on behalf of anyone who had bought a lottery ticket in Quebec since July 2013. According to CTV she claimed that Loto-Quebec never informed ticket buyers of exactly how slim the chances of winning the jackpot were. 

The class action stated that Loto-Quebec should be forced to pay back all the profits that it had gained as well as an additional $150 million for punitive damages. 

Karrask attempted to file the class action by claiming that the chances of winning were never actually revealed to the buyer on tickets, promotional material, or even their website. She stated that she never would have bought any lotto tickets if she understood how low her chances of winning the lottery actually were. 

According to CTV News, the Quebec women had been buying Lotto 6/49 tickets for 20 years and Lotto Max tickets since 2012 and was never fully aware of her chances of winning the lottery. 

However, despite Karrask's claims, Quebec's Court of Appeal has ruled that she is unable to launch this class action against the lotto company. The Superior Court Justice rejected the request due to the facts that her allegations didn't have enough evidence.  

Although Karrask claims that Loto-Quebec gives the player no information on their chances of winning through any form of a platform, that is not entirely true.

Loto-Quebec expresses exactly how slim the chances of winning the 6/49 jackpot are on their website.  According to Loto-Quebec the chances of winning that particular jackpot is actually 1 in 13,983,816. While the chances of winning any form of prizes through the lottery are much more likely, with the chances being 1 in 6.6. 

CTV News also reports that the chances of winning the jackpot prize are also listed on the back of the ticket that is purchased for the draw. 

This was the second court to reject Karrask's class action lawsuit against Loto-Quebec. 

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