Halloween is coming and it's going to be different this year. With that in mind, a Quebecer created a contactless candy system for Halloween.

Audrey Pelletier is a mother from Beloeil who wanted to find a safe way to give out treats this year if it's allowed.

As of right now, the provincial government and public health have not yet issued their recommendations for trick or treating. 

According to the Premier of Quebec, François Legault and Quebec's Director of Public Health, Dr Arruda, Halloween is still a go, but with "special sanitary directives."

While it's still to early to say right now, local residents are already coming up with alternatives.

Pelletier for her part decided to design a special slide that she says offers a solution to maintain the traditional candy hunt from one house to another. 

She told Narcity Quebec that she knows it's a bit early to be decorating, but she wanted to inspire people. 

“I probably seem quick on my Halloween decorations, but this year I wanted to share with everyone an idea I had to make this Halloween night fun, but also safe," she said in French. "I have two young daughters under 2 years old, obviously they are too small to understand what is going on with the pandemic, but I stopped and thought of the older ones."

Hence the "Chute A BonBon" was born. 

“I asked myself how could I open up by maximizing social distancing? So that's where I thought of the candy chute. A 6 foot PVC pipe, which costs about $20 from Rona. Simple and secure," she said. 

Pelletier also wanted to make sure the candy was clean and safe for kids. 

"To make things even easier, I decided to pack my candy bags 1 month in advance, put them in “isolation” in a Halloween Ziploc style bag. Again, parents will just have to wash the Ziploc bag" she said. 

The Quebecer also has markers on the ground for distancing and directional signs to control the flow of trick or treaters. 

Now all she needs is the government to confirm that giving out candy is a go this year. 

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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