It might have been one of the worst days in the world for one American tourist, had it not been for one Canadian who did the right thing. Just how safe is Canada for tourists? This story might answer some of your questions.

After accidentally leaving a bag of important items on the sidewalk for hours, the tourist was alarmed to find all of his items missing — except for the bag itself. However, it was an act of kindness by one Canadian who saved all of his stuff. It's a nice story, and while there's definitely tourist theft in Canada, it's good to know that people like this can make an impression on visitors.

According to SafeAround, a website that assesses how safe certain countries are for visitors, Canada scored 88% on their safety index. The website notes that the risk of crime is low, however, it does occur in major cities (it notes the prevalence of bike thefts in Montreal and Vancouver, in particular). It also notes that visitors should be careful with their belongings, as they should when visiting any new place.

Responses on Reddit were generally positive, but there were plenty of replies noting that this tourist just got particularly lucky.

These are fair assessments. While Canadians are generally known to be nice people, that is, in itself, still a generalization. Why else would there be prisons in Canada if there weren't a few criminals? 

Crime rates may be much lower than the United States, but acting like it doesn't occur would be disingenuous. Even Canadians are still sometimes surprised by this behavior.

That's a fair reaction to the situation. No matter how nice a country is deemed to be, it's still pretty wild that people would return the wallet and the cash without taking anything at all. On top of that, the refusal of any kind of reward would probably knock anyone back a bit. Still, this is what most people, especially tourists, expect from Canadians.

Some users shared their own stories of missing items. In fact, one response even offered some good advice on how to get a phone back to its owner.

This is something that not most people would think to do, but it just shows how technology has made it easier than ever to actually be a good person. 

Was it really a happy ending though? What if the kindness of this woman, as well as the heartwarming story told by the bartender, were really just covers for something far more sinister?

We may never know the answer, but if we all want to sleep better tonight, maybe we should just assume that this is just wild speculation. Yet still...

If anything, this Reddit post proves that people doing good deeds is surprising anywhere in the world to anyone. That's actually kind of unfortunate, as it should just be the norm. Knowing that things worked out for this traveller, though, can inspire just a little more optimism in Canadians who want to know that their country is still one of the good ones.

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