On a Sunday afternoon, the last thing you expect to see is an alligator crossing the street, but if you were in Montreal's Villeray neighbourhood on the afternoon of Sunday, December 15, then that's exactly what you would've seen. After getting quite a bit of attention, the Montreal alligator spotted crossing the street has been returned to its owners.

Local travel and food blogger Mayssam Samaha told the Montreal Gazette that she was grabbing coffee when she spotted an alligator casually walking across Jarry Street.

As most people do when stunned by the sights before them, Samaha pulled out her phone and began to record the creature as it made its way slowly the road and under a parked car.

"A few minutes after we saw it, a guy came and picked it up and put it back in his minivan," Samaha explained to the Montreal Gazette.

By the time the animal made it into the van though, a small crowd of shocked people had already gathered in the area, hoping to catch a glimpse of the gator.

According to CBC, Montreal police confirmed that the animal belongs to an exotic animal company that regularly puts on demonstrations. Employees were grabbing lunch in the area when the gator slipped out of the van.

Before the animal was returned to its owners, the owner of the coffee shop that Samaha was at decided to call the police, who almost didn't believe what they were hearing.

"Apparently, it was a very funny phone call because they didn’t quite believe him. They thought he was on something,” Samaha explained to the Gazette.

Onlookers were incredibly concerned for the animal's well-being, especially with the freezing temperatures in Montreal, and the oncoming traffic.

"Get him a jacket," one person tweeted. "I was so worried about him, between the traffic and the temperature," Samaha replied.

Narcity reached out to Montreal Police for a comment on the incident and will update the story.

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