A popular Montreal restaurant is facing criticism this week, after being accused of anti-Black racism. A Terrasses Bonsecours customer claims she was refused entry to the establishment at the weekend, despite having a reservation. The company has responded to the claims, but has not apologized for any wrongdoing.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, a Black woman called out Montreal’s Terrasses Bonsecours restaurant, claiming that she’d experienced racism at the venue over the weekend.

The woman says she arrived at the establishment on July 4, with a booking that was made in advance. 

After waiting in line, the woman and her friends were told by staff members that their reservation was not on the list.

However, the customer says she had actually exchanged text messages with staff about her table.

“We waited 45 minutes without speaking," she explained in the Facebook post.

While the group was waiting, she says several non-Black people entered the venue without any issues.

“At one point, we were shocked to see a group of 15 non-black people come in as they mentioned to us [...] that we could not be more than 10 people, which we had followed," she added.

The woman says that a person presenting himself as manager then asked them to leave, without offering any form of compensation.

In her story, the client claims to have been confronted with "very rude and non-professional" staff.

“Such a long wait to get treated like we’re nothing,” she wrote.

On July 6, the restaurant responded to the criticism that had been sparked by the woman’s review.

In a Facebook post, Terrasses Bonsecours indicated that it did not discriminate based on culture, religion or skin color, claiming that it has an extremely diverse team of employees.

The company also claims that their reduced capacity has forced them to refuse some customers.

“[Staff] have been repeatedly insulted, threatened and discriminated against openly due to the efforts of keeping the strong rules and regulations put in place by our government …” the restaurant wrote. 

The company’s response on Facebook has received several hundred comments, with many noting that the establishment had not apologized for the incident at all. Others called for a boycott of the restaurant.

Multiple people also responded to the incident to say that they’d also experienced similar situations at the resto-bar, and a Facebook page has even been set-up for people to share their own experiences of racism at Terrasses Bonsecours.

On Instagram, the business has now disabled comments.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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