President Donald Trump wasn’t the only intended recipient of a ricin-laced letter. That’s the message coming from officials this week as the woman who allegedly sent poison to the White House revealed she mailed multiple notes. The 53-year-old was arrested on Monday.

Following her arrest, Quebec resident Pascale Ferrier reportedly told the FBI that she mailed more than one poison-laced letter.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, she sent as many as nine letters to various addresses across the United States, including two to the Texas Police Department.

"The RCMP is assisting the FBI in this investigation," a spokesperson for the Quebec division told CBC News.

"We believe a total of six letters were sent: one to the White House and five to Texas," he added.

The spokesperson also confirmed that police searched a Saint-Hubert condo on Monday, believed to be linked to Ferrier.

The woman was apprehended by police at the Peace Bridge on Monday, as she attempted to cross the border into the United States.

Officials say she was carrying a gun when she was arrested.

She’s believed to be a Canadian citizen, who’s originally from France. She reportedly moved to Laval in 2019 after being released from prison in Texas.

Ferrier was arrested on September 21 in connection with a poison-laced letter that was sent to the White House.

The mail was intercepted by American officials before it arrived and it was confirmed to contain traces of ricin, a highly potent toxin.

The RCMP became involved after the FBI asked for assistance with investigating the note, as initial information revealed it may have originated in Canada.

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