Whether you believe in global warming or not, the theory of it sounds pretty tragic. All this excess heat could potentially ruin a lot of Canada's winter wonderlands. While there are endless debates on the topic, you'll be pretty sad to hear about this. 

One of Canada's most beautiful outdoor skating rinks and a huge landmark in Montreal is now closed down for good. If you've ever been to Montreal, or plan to go, one of their most breathtaking landmarks is Mont Royal. 

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One of their easiest-to-access attractions, Mont Royal is a short hike that gives you an unparalleled view of the city. Whether it's early in the morning to see the sunrise or in the 11 O'Clock PM with the city lights, it's a huge part of Montreal. 

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Perched on top of Mont Royal is the famous Beaver Lake. Eye-catching in both summer and winter, the body of water is an oasis to tourists and residents alike. In the winter, it transforms into a magical outdoor skating rink. 

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With a frozen lake to skate over as the centrepiece, Montrealers would ski around the outside of the lake, ride toboggans and horseback ride on nearby trails. Sounds pretty magical no? Well sadly, not anymore. 

Due to the rising temperatures, the ice surface has been closed for good. The lake was only open for 37 days last year until a member of Montreal's executive committee announced it would be closed permanently. While a smaller, refrigerated rink still exists, skating on the outdoor lake is a memory that many visitors and Montrealers will always cherish. 

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