As you may know, on Friday, August 10th, a man went on a shooting spree in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He killed four people, two police officers and a man and a woman who had just begun dating. 

As we previously reported, cops allege that the suspect, Matthew Vincent Raymond, shot a long gun from his apartment window three stories up. Now, we have more details regarding the shooting and the suspect himself.

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According to CTV News, a new document filed in court reveals what took place during the shooting. Until now, it's been mostly speculation and whatever few details have been released from law enforcement. 

The documents explain that Const. Costello and Const. Burns arrived and entered the driveway at 237 Brookside Drive, while another officer stopped to ask questions of someone walking by.

Via Google Maps

A few moments later, the third officer heard "a couple of gunshots" and when he came back to the apartment building, he found his fellow officers on the ground. 

The officer was told by a witness that the shooting came from the top floor of the apartment block. Officers confirmed that the alleged shooter was in apartment unit 11-C. 

One officer confirmed that the suspect pointed his long gun at him while he was in the window and in reaction, the officer shot back at him in the torso.

In addition, new details have been released about the suspect and his known behaviour. Brendan Doyle, a local business owner confirmed that he had asked the suspect to stop coming to his cafe because he had allegedly expressed Islamophobic views and openly shared his dislike for Syrian refugees with patrons in the shop. 

He also stated that he would look at magazines about bikes and guns. He also described him as a "lonely person" and someone that likes playing first-person shooter video games. 

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Fredericton to pay his respects. 

Raymond has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder following the shooting in Fredericton. Those who were killed during the shooting were Robb Costello, Sara Burns, Bobbie Lee Wright and Donnie Robichaud.

Source: The Star, CTV News

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