As the federal election is now less than two months away, there is no time like the present to start thoroughly researching who you might vote for. Already, thousands of Canadians have taken to the internet to ask questions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, although the focus hasn’t always been political.

To save you both time and embarrassment, I have personally scoured the internet to find the answers to the internet’s most pressing questions about Justin Trudeau, so you won't have to.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the majority of Trudeau-related internet searches would be political. Alas, Daily Hive reports that according to data from Google Trends, it seems like the Canadian public are much more interested in other aspects of Trudeau’s life, particularly more personal information. If you’ve always wondered about Trudeau’s age, or Trudeau’s wife, you’ve come to the right place!

According to an article published on Thursday afternoon, using Google Trends for data analysis, the most-researched questions on the internet about Justin Trudeau were as follows:

How tall is Justin Trudeau?

Fairly straightforward one, with not too much digging required. Justin Trudeau is 6 ft 2’. For context, the average Canadian male is just 5 ft 8’, so Trudeau is way above average in this department. Woohoo, you go Justin Trudeau! Perfect for grabbing groceries from the top shelf! It may not make you a better Prime Minister, but it is certainly handy!  

How old is Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau is 47 years old. This makes him a whole 7 years older than Andrew Scheer, but a massive 26 years younger than Trump. Draw your own conclusions from that information.Fun fact: Trudeau’s birthday is on Christmas day! Cute, Justin!

Will Trudeau win the election in 2019?

Difficult one. Google is a pretty impressive search tool but, sadly, even the internet cannot tell the future. However, it can point you towards some recent political polls, which suggest that while things are pretty neck-and-neck, the Conservatives have held a slight lead.

In short, not yet. In long, nobody can really answer that question until after October 21, so he may, but he also may not.

Where does Justin Trudeau live?

Justin Trudeau is supposed to live at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of Canada’s head of government. However, because it is apparently a bit old and gross and Trudeau is not too keen to spend taxpayers money on it, he lives in Rideau Cottage. The cottage is a historic residential building, located on the grounds of Rideau Hall in Ottawa. The address is 1 Sussex Drive, should you want to write.

What has Trudeau done for Canada?

Erm. This one really depends on who you ask. Some would say nothing, some would say everything. Google says, ‘click on whichever article most aligns with whatever you thought before you asked!’ Easy!

What party is Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, their colours are traditionally red and the party has a little maple leaf as part of their logo. Confusingly, Trudeau seems to always wear blue.

Where is Trudeau’s wife these days?

An amazingly specific question for so many people to ask. Simply, she is nowhere, and everywhere. She is where she has always been. Google has no concrete answers to this specifically-worded question, but I imagine Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is in Rideau Cottage, hanging out with Justin, and asking him to reach things from the top shelf.

Where is Justin Trudeau today?

Naturally, this is an answer that is likely to change on a daily basis. It can be assumed he is often in Canada’s capital and the city of his home, Ottawa, but he probably travels frequently. If you are really interested, you can keep up-to-date with where Trudeau goes on the government website.

So, there you have it! The internet’s most burning questions about Trudeau have officially been answered and we are all so much wiser for it.

If you’re looking for a Prime Minister that is 47, has a nice Christmas birthday, and is taller than the average Canadian- Trudeau is the one for you! Happy voting!

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