After the second U.S. Presidential debate, 'move to Canada' was Googled so much that the search saw another surge of online interest.

On October 22, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off on issues like climate change, COVID-19, immigration, foreign interference in US elections and national security.

While this debate was less theatrical and shocking than the first one because their mics would mute after their allotted time, Americans were still interested in heading up north.

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"Move to Canada" searches started spiking at around 7:00 p.m. ET just before the debate started and peaked at about 10:00 p.m. ET.

This sharp increase was also seen after the first debate.

When it comes to which states Americans were Googling this phrase from the most, the top five are all northern ones.

Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, New Hampshire and Washington top the list. All but one of these states share a border with Canada.

"Come to Canada wizard" also saw searches rise after the debate and it leads people to a government website that checks if they're eligible to come here.

Both "poutine" and "living in Canada as an American" were Googled more often as well.

Back in January, #PerksOfMovingToCanada trended on Twitter with people talking about why it's great to live here.

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