With Mister Rogers getting a lot of attention in the last few years thanks to a documentary and a new feature film about him coming out, it's about time the Canadian version of Mister Rogers gets his moment. Mr. Dressup is trending on Twitter because of a holiday video of him doing Christmas crafts. People had the most wholesome reactions to the video of the beloved children's show.

Even though the Mr. Dressup show isn't actually a version of or based on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the two shows have often been linked and Mr. Dressup is, in some ways, the Canadian version of Mister Rogers.

To celebrate the holidays, the CBC, which aired Mr. Dressup, shared a seven-minute clip on Twitter on December 6 of the legend himself doing a simple stocking-making tutorial for Christmas.

The CBC tweeted, "To Canadians, love CBC. Happy holidays!" 

The Mr. Dressup show ran for 29 years on the CBC from February 13, 1967 to February 14, 1996 and aired 4,000 episodes.

As people found the Twitter video and watched it, the love started to pour out with people tweeting about how much they loved the show, what it meant to them and some even made their own Christmas stockings.

"Growing up in Canada, Mr Dressup was a huge part of our childhood," one person tweeted.

Another said, "I realize now as an adult what was the cool thing about Mr. Dressup. He didn't teach you numbers & letters. He didn't give you [a] lecture. He was just a good friend you spent a half hour with dressing up and doing crafts."

While Mr. Dressup is thought of the Canadian Mister Rogers, the actual Fred Rogers has a Canadian connection too.

He moved to Toronto in 1961 where he developed and hosted a children's program for the CBC called Misterogers which ran from 1963 to 1967 before he went back to the U.S. and started on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Ernie Coombs, a.k.a Mr. Dressup, was one of the puppeteers on the original Misterogers show on the CBC.

So even though Mr. Dressup was its own show and not a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood knock-off, there's a connection between the two shows and the two men at the heart of them.

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