In the age of COVID-19, it seems that no strange behaviour is off the table. But this man in Nanaimo, B.C. chose an especially questionable mall outfit on Monday, July 6. This Nanaimo man reportedly identifies himself as a "COVID Avenger" and rallies against mask-wearing policies. 


His superhero costume is apparently made out of two things: plastic wrap and red underwear. 

Sydney Valentina was out at the Woodgrove Mall at around 3:40 p.m. when she spotted this guy and his friend's antics. 

"They were filming within stores in the mall to get people’s reactions," she told Narcity. 

They were told to leave many times, said Valentina.

"I watched them get walked off the property as I went to walk to Walmart, and at the crosswalk by the highway the man in Saran Wrap started lunging as he waited."

The photos were taken while the guy was speaking to Valentina's friends. 

According to the Victoria Buzz, witnesses at the mall said that the man called himself a "COVID Avenger," in some sort of a demonstration against the mask-wearing policies that are being enforced in many parts of the country. 

When the guy continued speaking to Valentina's friends, the mall security came over and told them, "That’s not social distancing, ladies." 

She said it's because the friends and the two guys were standing together. 

Narcity has reached out to Woodgrove Mall for comment and we will update this article when we have a response. 

Afterwards, mall security talked with the duo to try to get them out of the premises. The photos captured by Valentina show the plastic-wrapped man having a conversation with security. 

Valentina said the fellow in the grey shirt in the second photo is the mall Avenger's friend. 

Ultimately, the pair didn't have enough in them to fight mall cops. 

Valentina said that the guys were "taken all the way to the crosswalk to make sure they were off property."

Looks like they'll have to assemble somewhere else.

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