When life hands you self-forming snow spheres, it must be some divine sign to start a snow fight. At least, that might be how it seemed to some people who stumbled across these rare natural snowballs in Alberta. Like graceful cattle, these all-natural snowy donuts were seen frolicking through the fields.

On the morning of Tuesday, March 3, several keen-eyed Albertans stopped over on a highway south of Vegreville to snap some sweet pics of the strange phenomenon.

Called "snow-rollers," these extremely rare balls are naturally formed by wind combined with specific temperature and moisture so that the snow sticks together, according to National Geographic.

It's pretty freaky to see snow moving all by itself, let alone in an empty plain. You might think that the sentient snowman uprising is finally happening, but fear not, because that's scheduled for April.

Instead, you're seeing what's basically a Canadian version of tumbleweeds, albeit rarer and so much cooler (literally and figuratively).

It's surely a fun and welcome sight after all the snowfall that Albertans got hammered with recently.

The little fellas are hard to find in the city, according to National Geographic, as the wind and other conditions are rarely right. They're more common in open fields like the ones where these were spotted.

Despite the similarity to Olaf, these little guys are not mini half-formed snowmen.

ATCOgas on Twitter were among the first to grab photos, saying that it happened right outside their office in a tweet.

"Resisting the urge for a snowball fight!" they posted to their Twitter, and we commend them for their restraint.

Nevin of the Prairie Storm Chasers also got in on the action, explaining in his tweet that "high winds and warm temps" were what caused the all-natural birth of the rollers.

It's been a wild winter for Edmonton, so what better way to usher in Spring and warmer temperatures than with this rare weather event?

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